15. May 2020

Can I Kayak?

Or more specifically, “Can I Kayak the Harpeth River in Tennessee, Generally?”

Basically, I wanted a quick and convenient way to check on water levels on a river that I frequently kayak near my house, the Harpeth River, in Tennessee. I realize that this is probably only useful to literally dozens of people, but it’s tricky to factor in all statistics that go into making these very non-scientific guesstimates based on the cubic feet of discharged water per second, coupled with gage height.

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28. March 2020


My team at work begins each planning session with an icebreaker– it’s a great way to get to know everyone a little better, especially since we are all remote and located around the globe. Each time it’s my turn to come up with a question, I end up googling for “icebreaker questions” and have to sort through decent ones (“What skill do you think everyone should have?”) to semi-not-great-for-work-ones (“Name something you hate about your boss.”) to inappropriate ones (“What do you like best about women’s bodies?”) to outright illegal ones (“Are you religious?”).

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